My pixel art at the Asian Art Museum (San Francisco)


A map illustration titled Memes of Greater China with various pixel art characters and creatures printed and placed on an easel in front of a stone building background

As part of our work at The Civic Beat, An Xiao Mina and I worked with Ruth Miller on a map of Chinese internet memes for a night at the Asian Art Museum. The printed map (shown above) was showcased as part of an event there entitled Memes, Puns and Selfies: A Look at Chinese Digital Culture.

An Xiao led the research and planning, I contributed pixel art creatures, and Ruth was in charge of cartography and map design; Marc Meyer was our counterpart at the Asian Art Museum.

I was unable to attend the event, but everyone I spoke to enjoyed it thoroughly. Plus, the map was well-received enough that research from it has been expanded and channeled into a new exhibit at the Museum of Moving Image in New York.

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Jason Li is an independent designer, artist and researcher. He is a co-author of the forthcoming Hanmoji Handbook, an editor at Paradise System, and a member of Zine Coop.

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