Scenes from an exhibition: How Cats Took Over The Internet 


August 7–February 21
Museum of the Moving Image
Curated by Jason Eppink

I was tangentially involved with this exhibition via my work at The Civic Beat (we helped organize research for the global perspectives bit), and since I happened to be in New York earlier this year, I took a little side trip to see it. Here’s what I saw.

Entryway into the exhibition: How Cats Took Over the Internet, curated and organized by Jason Eppink:

Photo of entryway with sign

A screening of the Internet Cat Video Festival Highlights, curated by Will Braden:

Photo of people watching a cartoon clip from the Internet Cat Video Festival

Cat videos at work! Kudos to the clever use of projectors:

GIF of the Why Are Cats So Popular and Watching Cats And Seeing Ourselves walls

Some kitty history. R.I.P. Cat Fancy magazine:

GIF of the Mediated Cat wall

Cats on the internet: a timeline. Also: a workstation to make your own LOLcat:

Photo of a woman looking at the cat and internet timeline

A Global Perspective: cats haven’t conquered the world yet!

Photo of the Global Perspective wall with a world map in the middle

Above research organized by The Civic Beat with contributions from Andrés Monroy H, Kate Miltner, Mark Kaigwa, Negar Mottahedeh, Irteze Ubaid, Matt Stempeck, Alex Leavitt, Bia Granja, Felipe Cordero, and an xiao mina.

A befitting end: an open submission wall… for cat videos of course :)

GIF of visitor cat video submissions

The exhibition runs until February 21, 2016 at the Museum of the Moving Image, New York. It’s not too late, plan a visit now.

P.S. For additional context, I would highly recommend reading An Xiao Mina’s article about the exhibition: Internet Cats, Internet Llamas and Cultural Specificity on the Global Web.

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