Year 1 of Teaching at General Assembly


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I recently wrapped a teaching a trio of short, single-session classes on user experience design at the General Assembly here in Hong Kong.

The three classes I taught were:

  1. A Hands-On Introduction to Building Wireframes – slides here
  2. Lean UX: Evaluating and Iterating Design
  3. UX Essentials: Crafting the Right Personas – slides here

I really enjoy teaching, so I had a good time. All three classes I taught were for beginners and required no prior knowledge. As a result and through General Assembly’s wide network, I was able to meet students from all sorts of backgrounds – ex-finance folks, software testers and even one business owner who decided to use my class as a forum to advertise their web design shop’s work (luckily they kept it brief).

You can find my instructor profile here.

About the author

Jason Li is an independent designer, artist and researcher. He is a co-author of the forthcoming Hanmoji Handbook, an editor at Paradise System, and a member of Zine Coop.

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